About Us

RHR Select Limited works in partnership with trade suppliers, to provide added value to its customers with access to creative, high quality and competitively priced promotional products.

RHR Select was formed in 2000 by Robert Hicks, the current Managing Director, who has over 25 years experience within the industry.

Through specific partnerships with primarily European specialist manufacturers, RHR Select offer distributors items with additional support in terms of product knowledge, pricing and samples – helping you to excite your clients with fresh ideas. Most importantly, it deals with the factory on your behalf within a trade price structure.

All products are designed to be customised for promotional or own-label use. Clients can brand an item that demonstrates innovation and market understanding to drive brand awareness and, ultimately, sales performance.

RHR Select recognises that staying ahead of the competition delivers results, which is why it constantly strives to extend and diversify its innovative and imaginative product range. We are also aware that sometimes nothing less than complete exclusivity is required. We are happy to take on special commissions and work with you to produce the right result.

Our trade association affiliations and experience will allow you to work with us with the confidence that we always deliver above expectations.

The power of promotion knows no bounds and we are current with our method of linking promotional products with that of promotion through social media. Full detail of how we can help you with this can be found here.