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Velvet Experience! Say it differently!

A totally new object with a real three-dimensional soft and velvety customisation. A soft print in relief available in many bright colors creating a visual and tactile involvement that wins over all. Perfect to create a collectable series, these pens are an object of immediate success in promotion and merchandising.

E-venti a new pen for 2015 has FULL COLOUR large print areas on both barrel and clip.

If you are already smelling success then perhaps it’s liquorice, which has been added to the popular PURA scented pens.

Erga has been manufacturing pens since 1968 in Italy. The brand was carefully chosen by RHR Select for its range of distinct design, exciting colours and product innovation.

The print quality achieved by Erga is second to none and now includes full-colour digital printing, close to photographic quality. RHR Select is happy to supply creative visuals after receipt of your artwork.

We all use pens daily so longevity and durability are key factors for this product. Erga’s professional manufacturing processes have improved with the use of quality refills that write for 4 kilmometres instead of the usual 400 metres achieved by a standard pen, making sure that your brand remains visible for as long as possible.

If you cannot find what you need from Erga’s extensive standard range, full customisation and mix-colour services are also available.

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